Cup Holder Phone Mount 360 ROTATIONAL


A Quality Product Designed for Life On-the-Go

It’s not that we can’t live without our phones — it’s that these versatile little devices have become so essential to our daily lives that being out of touch can make life complicated. It’s also important that we don’t allow our phones to put our safety—and the safety of others—at risk.

This can be the case when using the phone while driving.

Phone mounts for your vehicle were designed to keep you hands-free so you focus on driving without being distracted by holding or looking at your phone. While it’s a novel idea, even a simple phone mount for your vehicle has taken time to perfect.

Adjustable Phone Mount — perfect for your car, RV, golf cart, boat and more.



Easy Installation with Expandable Cupholder

This phone mount requires virtually no installation. It comes with a universal cup holder that is specially designed to expand and fit any cup holder in any type of vehicle. Just place it in your cup holder, expand, lock it in, and you’re all set. No rattling. No loose phone. Just a hands-free phone anywhere you want it.


Heavy Duty Material that’s Gentle on Your Phone

Our cupholder phone mount is made of high-grade material that includes padded side grips for extra protection of your phone. It’s designed to keep your phone in place without scratching or damage while keeping it safe from getting knocked, pushed or sliding out.


360° Rotatable Cradle

Cell phones weren’t designed to stay still and they shouldn’t have to be locked into position just because you’re in a vehicle. Our 360° rotatable cradle feature gives you full-range of motion and allows you to decide where you want your phone while keeping it stable and secure in your position of choice.


Fully-Adjustable Mount

Some phone mounts don’t make it easy to fit your phone case and require you to remove it in order to fit your phone. Our handy phone holder comes with a fully-adjustable mount so you can securely fit any phone and its case without leaving it out of position or otherwise insecurely mounted. Just place your phone in the holder and adjust the mount until your phone is locked into position and you’re ready to go.


Quick Release Button

If you’ve ever found it frustrating that your car phone mount requires two hands to pop your phone out without dropping it, you’re not alone. Our quick release feature takes the struggle out of removing your phone from its mount with a single hand and the push of a button.


Charging Slot

Being able to charge your phone while it’s mounted should be a no brainer, but some phone mounts make this a lot harder than it should be. The Showcase Cup holder Phone Mount comes with an accessible charging slot that lets you plug it your phone while it’s mounted without making an effort.


Sleek Design

The Cup Holder Adjustable Phone Mount is designed to blend into your interior while providing practical use any time you need it. It’s the perfect addition to your phone and your vehicle, and the only phone mount you’ll ever need for your car, boat, RV, and even at your desk. This product makes a great gift for commuters, new car owners, and friends & family. Happy travels!